7 Clever Ways to Utilize Empty Corners of Your Home

We all have those awkward areas in our home that are more challenging to fill in.  If you have a problem with empty corners, you can try installing shelves, desks, or counters.  You may also put a corner sofa, a potted plant, or a corner display cabinet to give more life and use to those corners.

Whether in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, empty corners in your home always seem to look uninteresting and neglected.  If you want to give those corners some life, here are 7clever ideas we have gathered to utilize empty corners of your home:

1. Install floating shelves

Utilize any empty corner at home by putting up floating shelves.  The ideas you can put on your shelves are endless – You can put up your decorations and collections in your living room; display your books in your home office or bedroom; keep stuffed toys in your nursery or playroom; and store ingredients in your kitchen.

2. Customize a counter or sink in your kitchen

For unused kitchen corners, you may customize a kitchen counter or sink to fit in the space. This way, you can utilize an empty corner, especially if you have a small kitchen.

3. Add more seating in your living room with a corner couch

If you think you will be expecting visitors now and then, adding a seating space in your living room would be a great idea.  The great news is that you can utilize an unused corner of your room for this.  You can add acouch in one of your corners and make your home more welcoming to guests.

4. Put up a corner desk in a bedroom or home office corner

A corner desk makes a great addition to any bedroom or home office that can fill up an empty corner.  L-shaped desks, in particular, are great for children’s rooms as they utilize a lot of space.  You may also add some floating shelves on the area over the desk for added storage and organization.

5. Create a relaxing bedroom space with a corner lounge

If you are thinking of utilizing your bedroom corner, you may also put a cozy corner lounge in your bedroom for an added place to relax.  It’s a great place to read a book, watch TV, or simply relax.

6. Bring in a potted plant

No matter what part of the house, any corner can use some livening up with potted plants.Use a plant stand for shorter plants or choose taller plants on their own. Plants of different heights and colors can also make a great display.You may also use hanging plants on corners over corner tables.  With plants, not only will you make your corner fresh and pleasing to look at, but you are also giving your home a natural air sanitizer.

7. Add a corner cabinet

You can utilize unused corners in any part of your house with cabinets that provide neat storage.  For instance, you can spruce up your living room with a display cabinet in the corner. Likewise, you can make great use of a corner pantry cabinet in your kitchen.  Finally, you can help manage the clutter in any bedroom with corner cabinets.

Hopefully, these tips will give life and purpose to the empty corners of your home. Depending on the room, your space, your needs, and your creativity, you can add desks, shelves, cabinets, corner sofa, or plants to your corner spaces and spruce up your home.