Best In-Person Event Engagement Tools In 2022 – A Complete Guide

The in-person event audience engagement that marketers crave is the tip of the iceberg. Brilliant in-person event engagement tools work behind the scenes, making the audience engagement at events appear effortless.

However, you cannot pick any in-event audience engagement. Every event is different; every business is different, so selecting the right event engagement tool is critical.

This blog will present you with some brilliant in-event engagement tools. So, let’s get straight into that in-event audience engagement tool and find out which one is the best for your business event.

Top In-event Audience Engagement Tools

We have gathered a collection of in-event audience engagement tools that would certainly suit your event preparation. So, let’s have a look at those.

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Taggbox is a social media content aggregator application that collects and organizes social media posts from various sites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With extensive filtering and appealing themes, styles, designs, and customization tools, this aggregated feed may now be made relevant and appealing.

After that, you may use this curated social feed to promote live and virtual events, in-store screens, digital signage, DOOH, and e-mails, among other things. In addition, users can control, alter, and embed social media feeds in various places. These locations include websites, events, e-commerce, virtual events, and digital displays. All this process becomes relatively easy using social wall aggregator tool.


Vevox is a tool for audience engagement that allows for real-time polling, and anonymized Q&A. Vevox is rated number one by users on Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. Vevox makes virtual and hybrid meetings unmissable by allowing all participants to have an equal say regardless of location.

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Participants can freely communicate using the Vevox App on their smartphones or PCs to answer polls or contribute to Q&As. It’s never been easier to give your audience a voice and listen to their opinions.

Vevox is a user-friendly audience engagement solution available, with features that have been fine-tuned in collaboration with clients. The platform can be used alone or easily integrated with your existing meeting technology, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint, and other technologies.


Mentimeter is a terrific platform for audience engagement. Presenting has never been easier or less stressful than this easy-to-use, interactive, and innovative tool. Create one-of-a-kind, interactive presentations that will wow and engage your audience. You can better connect with your users, colleagues, and clients using Mentimeter.

Mentimeter has been created to fit any type of presentation, whether a lecture, workshop, or meeting. Integrations like Zoom and Teams make it even easier to stand out in the world of remote and hybrid work. In addition, the simple web editor makes putting up a presentation a breeze.

Make a complete slide deck with questions, polls, quizzes, content slides, word clouds, and other elements. Your audience connects to the presentation via their cellphones, where they can submit replies.


Glisser is a multi-award-winning technology platform that enables companies to create unique event experiences anywhere. Planners can wow and make every event count with best-in-class virtual and hybrid event tools.

Informa, KPMG, Pfizer, Facebook, Uber, and many others are among our clients. Glisser helps businesses create engaging in-person, online, and hybrid event experiences for partners, customers, investors, and employees.

The platform was created by event industry professionals to go beyond introductory video and screen sharing technology to produce exciting, high-engagement events of any size. Virtual, hybrid and in-person events can all be delivered using the platform.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows you to add live audience engagement to any meeting, training, or class in minutes. Participants respond quickly with their devices on hand as live results pour in, modifying the presentation screen. As a result, presenters can break the ice, gauge the room’s pulse, assess learning, and generate consensus. It can also foster honest dialogues with groups of any size using a range of activity kinds.

Use a word cloud or a clickable graphic to see where guests are on a graph or map to generate conversation. To break the silence and turn a one-way presentation into a meaningful debate, use Poll Everywhere to accentuate audience voices.

Slides With Friends

With an interactive presentation tool that your team will appreciate, you can bring your team together and engage any audience. Slides With Friends is a slide deck creator and player that allows you to engage with your friends.

Bring your team together with our ready-to-play game decks for icebreakers, team building, check-ins, polls, etc. Alternatively, you can create your own personalized interactive presentations for your group to easily participate in and play along with.

Up To You!

So, here we are wrapping up this piece of content that includes a series of in-event audience engagement tools. Now, it’s up to you to finalize the one that suits your business objectives. Good luck!