Is Digital Marketing in Demand in Australia?

Digital Marketing has become an essential need for every business. Although the traditional means of marketing are still a thing, digital marketing is slowly taking over as the mainstream channel for marketing a business.

The reason for that is simple, the number of people using digital channels like websites and social media platforms is now bigger than ever. They present a much greater opportunity for businesses for marketing their products and services as compared with TV ads and other mediums.

So, what is the scope of digital marketing in Australia? What does the future of digital marketing look like in Australia?

Keep reading to find the answers to all these questions about Digital Marketing Demand in Australia.

Is Digital Marketing in demand in Australia?

Digital Marketing currently has a massive demand in Australia. Companies are looking for the Best Digital Marketing services in Brisbane, Sydney, Rhode, Pyrmont, Melbourne, and all the other places in Australia.

Let us share some recent number with you to give you a perspective about the demand for digital marketing in Australia

Almost all the famous job portals in Australia have an incredible number of job postings for Digital Marketing. Businesses are looking for experts in digital marketing to manage their entire digital marketing campaigns.

For example, there are more than 5,000 job postings on the Seek Portal in Australia. Careerjet has more than 2,000 digital marketing jobs. Other portals with a lot of Digital Marketing Job opportunities include All Jobs, LinkedIn, Adzuna, and Indeed.

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Digital Marketing is a huge field. There are some important areas of expertise that a digital marketer needs to have if they want to land a good job opportunity. A digital marketer needs to be adept at SEO and SEM, Data Analysis, Social Media Marketing, and content marketing.

They also need to be good with the popular SEO tools. Sites like SEO Tools Centre and SEO Magnifier offer some basic and advanced SEO tools that every digital marketer needs to be good at.

Digital Marketer Job Responsibilities

Here are some of the most important job responsibilities of a digital marketer

Business Marketing Approach Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the current marketing approach for a business is essential for coming up with an effective digital marketing campaign for it. This is what you need to do as a digital marketer. You need to come up with a digital marketing strategy that caters to the specific needs of the business that you want to serve.

Competition Research

A digital marketing expert has to research the competition to see what is working for them. After that, the digital marketer’s job is to come up with a better digital marketing campaign that can help a business get ahead of its competition.

Digital Marketing Strategies Creation & Implementation

Once the analysis step is complete, the digital marketer has to come up with the complete digital marketing plan and see it through its end. They have to deal with the logistics as well as the changing need of the digital marketing strategy.  

SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a subset of a digital marketing strategy. SEO is about optimizing a business website in a way that makes it rank well on search engines. With better ranking comes more traffic and thus better conversions for a business.

 Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. A Digital Marketer has to come up with ways to get people into the email marketing list of the business and then use that opportunity to the advantage of the business.

How Much Do Digital Marketers Charge per Hour?

If you are looking to provide digital marketing services on an hourly basis, then the current average charges per hour are from $100 to $150. The rates can vary depending on the specific project and its requirements.

Final Words

The demand for digital marketing experts is huge in Australia. And as it looks like right now, this demand is going to keep increasing in the upcoming years. So, if you are looking for digital marketing job opportunities in Australia, then the thing can work out great for you given that you have what it takes to run a successful digital marketing campaign.