Ramanagara Camping The Offbeat destination

Camping in Ramanagara with adventure activity helps tourists to enjoy the lovely and exciting landscape. Located on lush green hills, the camp site gives the chance to relax completely with the cool breeze blowing about. The lush green hills are extended to the view which give stunning panoramic views in this area. The campsite also has a lake that gives visitors the ability to experience various adventurous water activities in calm blue waters.

It is situated about 46 km from Bangalore Airport Hindustan (BLR). It has a motoring spot and can be accessed by car or taxi.


The comfortable tents are time-proof so you can have fun in all weather conditions. The camps are situated in a location that helps tourists to appreciate the beauty of nature and to enjoy the time spent. The tents are divided according to supply on a double/triple share basis. The tents have mattresses, pillows and sheets, which offer intense warmth. There are standard washrooms for everyone that are clean and hygienically built.

The service in the campsite is followed by a protected parking area so you can carry your private car.The campsite is also supervised by security guards and so no inconveniences are necessary.

Enjoy this mouth watering pursuit for breakfast and dinner. Furthermore, you have a tasty lunch during your stay while picking your preferred version.

The Camp of Adventures is known for all the things that generate adrenaline.


Experience a series of sliding challenges, team activities and action games suitable for retirements or family excursions. You should take the kayaking & canoeing trip in the lake, swim in its pristine water. You can also engage in fun events outside the camp, for example rappelling and tweeting. Water volleyball, jumping soccer, human football, rafting, jungle survival and other sports like the theme Jumbo volleyball and jungle survival.

One of the most-frequented adventure destinations on the outskirts of Bangalore is also named the location for the base of rock-climbing. The region’s rough rugged landscape, made up of giant cliffs, granite and rock, offers an excellent location for a full variety of activity, such as hiking, rappelling and escalating. However, late in the day the place was also popular for camping and trekking. High beyond the participants of camping in Ramanagará, the incredible vision of the star-studded cie is so amazing that it stays engraved in your minds till infinity.

The place, also known as the Mecca of rock climbers, is an excellent choice for people who want to get refreshed and distressed for a weekend. Located just 50 km from Bangalore, the participants have enough time to enjoy the trekking and camping trip in Ramanagara and to return home in time to resume the routine. However, they will definitely invest time on the destination and encourage them to look for an attraction and adventure even further. It is this quality of destination which makes it so famous among those who come to refresh their memories regularly.

Just as breathtaking as the day trek in the city, so special and exclusive is the Night Trek of Ramanagara. The ascend into the rugged terrain in the dark increases the suspense of an adventure like the mystical aura which seems to descend long after sunset on the hills. This travel is best enjoyed with mates of cousins of the same age as such communities are usually mindful of each other’s strengths and shortcomings and it will make the thrill of walking in the area evening easier.

The highlight is the sight of the sun rising in the early hours of the morning, though. The most important aspect of the wonderful Night Trek near Bangalore. When the trekkers wake up to this incredible vision, they are profoundly thanked with all their attempts to ascend the rocks in the evening. And as they begin their downhill ride to the base, they are thrilled by another thrilling activity awaiting them. The adventurous trip concludes with the fun of a few rides in the water sources around the campsite. The tour provides a friendly and relaxing escape for those who are looking for great fun and adventure close to Bangalore.