Sleep Guide

Do Not Use Blue Light

Digital clocks, TVs, computer screens, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones emit blue light. The blue light can harm your eyes and disrupt your sleep. It is, therefore, best to avoid using your electronic devices before bedtime.

If you, however, want to use your electronic device, wear orange-tinted glasses to block out the blue light. You can use some apps to prevent your smartphones, tablet, and computer from emitting blue light.

Do not just focus on reducing your blue light exposure. It is better to relax before your bedtime. Relaxing increases your chances of getting enough sleep at night. Therefore, cover your digital clock to block blue light. It is even best to use black-out curtains in your bedroom to block out light.

Take a Nap

If you did not get enough sleep at night, you can take a nap during the day. Do not, however, take a long nap. Long naps can make it difficult to fall asleep. It is best to take a short nap. If you take a long nap, it can interfere with your sleep. A short nap can even boost your performance, mood, and alertness.

It is beneficial to take a nap in a cool and dark bedroom. Do not take a snap late in the evening. If your nap is longer than 20 minutes, it can lead to sleep inertia.

Do Not Watch Your Clock

If you cannot fall asleep, do not watch your clock. Watching the clock will not make it easy to fall asleep. If you watch your clock, you are more likely to stay awake. It can even cause anxiety, which can make it more difficult to fall asleep. If you cannot stop watching your clock, do not put your clock in your bedroom.

If you cannot fall asleep, it is much better to distract yourself. You can wake up and do something else. You can do light chores in your house, read a book, or listen to relaxing music. You can also take a cup of warm tea. All these things can help you fall asleep.

If you can focus on something, you will feel sleepy. Do not, therefore, stay awake on your bed.

Use Comfortable Pillows

If you are suffering from lower back pain, you are more likely to find it difficult to fall asleep. In addition, if you have chronic or acute lower back pain, it can affect your sleep quality. If you are suffering from back pain, sleep on your side. Aireloom mattresses sagging can be an issue, read this guide to find some alternatives that will help to support you and help relieve back pain.

Sleeping on the side reduces pressure on the lower back. You can even put a comfortable pillow between your knees. The pillow can further the lower back pain. It is, however, much better to use a supportive mattress to avoid aggravating your lower back pain.

Swing both of your legs and do not bend at the waist as you get out of bed to avoid hurting your back.