The Top 5 Places to Visit in India in the Springtime 

India is a Country full of Wonderful destinations. The majestic view of the locations provide adverse relief to every human being. 

The following are the top five destinations to visit in India during the spring season: 


Ooty is referred to as Tamil Nadu’s most popular hill station. It has become a tad too commercialised in recent years, but still retains its tag of being the state’s most beautiful spring destination around the clock. The place is best known for its homemade chocolates and beautiful flower gardens. In the months of March and April the town and its surroundings reveal their true splendour in awe. The Botanical Gardens are one of the oldest gardens of Ooty in India. During the spring months it is a breathtaking experience and it also brings us to bear nature’s spectacular beauty. The visit to the location is a treat to cherish. Just outside the town is the other popular destination of Coonoor mainly popular for its tea plantations. Both the locations are nearby and are a must to visit. 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands situated in the Bay of Bengal present a perfect destination for any beach-lover. The islands from the raw and untouched beaches to its colonial heritage and modern resorts provide the best experience all time. And while it’s a perfect destination to visit all through the year, the best time to visit Andaman is during March. 

During this period of time the climate is temperate and tourism is also at its peak. While most of the tourists prefer not visiting during peak season, most of the off-season tourists face a problem in Andaman. The problem is the lack of connectivity and accessibility, since certain tourist services such as cruises and ferries are not accessible or are considerably reduced during off-season months. A visit in March will make sure that you don’t have to bear the brunt of summer heat and also lets you experience a host of luxury options and treats. 

Gulmarg and Sonmarg, Kashmir

All around the World, Kashmir is renowned as the Heaven on Earth. Despite various conflicts and controversies, it still remains to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country of India. The best time to visit Kashmir purely considering the natural beauty is the month of August.  In  August the snow sets in and apple orchards are in blossom. It is also the month when several devotees undertake the Amarnath Yatra, which means that crowds will be everywhere and it will be all packed.  So considering all these aspects and things, the only other time when natural beauty is at its peak and there are relatively fewer crowds everywhere is March-May. The time period when spring sets in. Destinations such as Gulmarg and Sonmarg are known for offering a pleasant temperature. There is also the chance of snowfall throughout.


While the tourist season in Hampi usually ends with the month of March when spring begins. But visiting Hampi during the off-season is also an experience in itself. Throughout the season of experience which is the months of November to March, this temple town in Karnataka is blooming with both pilgrims and local tourists and it also hosts a number of festivals as well. 

However, in March and April, when the temperature is considered to be  still not at its  peak one can truly witness Hampi at its hippy best. The Tungabhadra river that flows across divides Hampi into two parts – with the temples and monuments on one side and an artistic town filled with cafes and guesthouses on the other. With pleasant blooming weather and far fewer crowds, March and April are the best times to visit Hampi.

Wayanad and Munnar, located in Kerala

The state’s natural beauty is practically unmatched anywhere in the whole country. While Kerala’s backwaters and beaches are a pretty sight to behold all through the year, there are breath-taking hill stations such as Wayanad and Munnar that serve as the greatest highlights of the location. The best time to visit destinations in Kerala’s part of the Western Ghats region is when the monsoon first sets in, which is during the first week of June. The southwest monsoon usually first arrives in Kerala and is always greeted with fresh foliage and fresh greenery in the hill stations of Kerala. The location has foggy mornings. And the severe beauty of Munnar and Wayanad make for spectacular scenery.