Tips To Memorize Quran For Busy People

Millions of Muslims of all ages memorize the Quran around the world, many of whom are illiterate in Arabic. When memorizing the Quran, everyone has their own approach, speed, and duration. It is easier for some people than it is for the others.

The benefits of memorizing the Quran, on the other hand, encourage a person to persevere and have the patience to finish it under Allah’s direction. The biggest reason to memorize the Quran is that the more you memorize, the higher your standing in Paradise will be.

So today I will be telling you a plan to memorize the Quran while doing a job.

10 Tips To Memorize A Single Verse For Busy People

Find A Suitable Place

Find a calm place. Minimize all the distractions, such as your phone, television, or anything else that will draw your attention.


The perfect time to memorize a verse is between 20 and 30 minutes; however, depending on the length of the verse, the exact time may vary.

Choose A Partner

Try to encourage or motivate your sibling or friend to join you. This will encourage you both to keep going, challenge each other, and assist each other in memorizing.

Start With Small Surahs

If you’re a beginner, start from the end of the Quran (Juz’ Amma) since it’s shorter, and after you’ve finished Surah Al-Fatihah, which is required because it’s repeated in every prayer.

Learn The Meaning Of The Verse

Learning the meaning of the verse can aid in memorizing since it provides a summary of what Allah is saying, and it also serves as a manner of marking the verse in the surah. Remembering the significance of the verse might also assist you in recalling it. This will also aid in memorizing the surah because you will be able to rely on the sequence of the verses rather than just the sounds.

Since the Quran was revealed, this is also vital so that we can act on its words and pay attention to what Allah has delivered to us.

Listen To The Quran

Because it provides a summary of what Allah is saying and also acts as a way of marking the verse in the surah, learning the meaning of the verse can help with memorization. It may also help you remember the meaning of the verse.

This will also help you memorize the surah since you will be able to rely on the verse sequence rather than just the sounds.

This is especially important since the Quran was revealed so that we might act on its words and pay attention to what Allah has given us.

Before Memorizing The Verse, Recite It Completely.

After listening to the audio, try reciting the entire verse aloud to ensure that you have learned the pronunciation and Tajweed guidelines.

Do Not Divide The Verse

When memorizing the Quran, don’t invent your gaps and stops. Because the Quran has particular stops and pauses in the verse, changing them may affect the meaning, so knowing the stops and signs in the Quran is beneficial.


It takes time to get better at something. Repeat the verse till it becomes second nature to you. First, glance at the Quran and repeat the verse. Allow your memory to take over as you slowly move your head away from the Quran.

If you get stuck, keep doing this while switching your gaze back and forth between the Quran. Cover the verse and try to pronounce it from memory after you feel like you’ve memorized it after repeating it enough times.

Practical Tips To Memorize Quran For Busy People

Make A Plan

Make a plan to memorize and practice the Quran regularly. You don’t want to spend all of your work memorizing just to realize later that you’ve forgotten everything. Practice what you’ve learned and what you’re learning at the same time.

When setting the schedule, don’t go overboard and keep things moving at a normal speed so you can stay to it.

Try To Recite What You Have Memorized In Your Prayers

Consider beginning your day by reciting the surah. You can practice saying it as part of your everyday prayers this way. This is an excellent technique to keep the surahs fresh in your mind by repeating them regularly.

We have five prayers; you may plan out the surah you’ll recite in each one. It’s also vital to memorize to practice and use it in your daily life, in order to improve your memory and memorize the Quran so that Allah rewards you for your good intentions.

Start From The Beginning

Start reciting what you’ve memorized from the beginning once you’ve memorized a part. This will assist you in remembering the surah in order, and you will soon find yourself reciting Allah’s verses from your heart rather than your mind.

Repeat the whole surah up to the point where you’ve just remembered a specific ayah after you’ve memorized it. Do this after each ayah that you learn so that you can remember the order as well as the specific sections.

Recite To Someone

It’s always a good idea to have someone else repeat what you’ve memorized. This way, you’ll get rapid and direct feedback, and they’ll detect any errors you might have overlooked while listening to your recordings.

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