Top 10 Best Prepaid Credit Cards In India

Are you looking for a good prepaid credit card? Learn about the best prepaid credit cards in India; their features and benefits


Prepaid credit cards are credit cards that have a deposit equal to the credit card balance. The prepaid credit cards are available at various banks, retail stores, and supermarkets. People use them for various purposes, such as making payments, shopping, and entertainment.

The best prepaid credit cards are those you can use to get more money for less money. You can use the money you have saved in your prepaid credit card to pay bills, buy things, and even pay for future purchases. Prepaid credit card holders can enjoy the comforts of regular cards, with the features of prepaid cards added to them.

Benefits Of Using A Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid credit cards have lots of benefits. For one, you don’t need to worry about maintaining a credit score because prepaid cards will not affect your credit score. Unlike regular credit cards, you don’t need to pay any fee for using prepaid cards. You also save on transaction fees, because you don’t need to use a credit card company.

Prepaid credit cards are convenient to use, but they are not as popular as regular credit cards. Most people prefer using regular credit cards to pay for items; however, prepaid credit cards are useful for those who don’t want to be burdened with monthly fees or high interest rates.

Prepaid cards are a great addition to your credit card repertoire. If you are looking at having a credit card that doesn’t charge you any fees, then prepaid cards are the way to go. You can carry your prepaid credit card with you anywhere you go. All you need to do is buy a new card when your existing card is getting close to your limit. You can also transfer your balance from one card to another. Furthermore, prepaid cards provide you with higher credit limits and no interest, so you won’t have to worry about incurring high interest rates.

Here Are The Top Prepaid Credit Cards In India

Axis Bank Prepaid Cards – Smart Pay Card

  • Employers can use the Axis Bank Smart Pay Card to distribute employee salaries, reimbursements, and cash to their employees. This card ensures that payments are made quickly and securely.
  • The Axis Bank Smart Pay Card is a reloadable card that can be loaded with funds by the employer.

HDFC Bank Prepaid Cards

  • HDFC Bank offers multiple types of prepaid credit cards, with each offering different options depending on the applicant’s specific needs.
  • The many cards offered by HDFC Bank are – Multi CurrencyPlatinum ForexPlus Chip Card, ISIC Student ID ForexPlus Chip Card, ForexPlus Card, ForexPlus Chip Card, ForexPlus Platinum Card, GiftPlus Card, FoodPlus Card, MoneyPlus Card, Hajj Umrah Card and Apollo Medical Benefit Card.

SBI Prepaid Cards

State Bank of India offers multiple prepaid credit cards, depending on the applicant’s requirements. Customers can use the SBI prepaid card for e-commerce transactions and cash withdrawals.

  • State Bank Smart Payout Card
  • State Bank Xpress Money Card
  • State Bank Achiever Card

The State Bank Smart Payout Card is an option for making salary or commission payments. Card holders can use the card for cash withdrawals, purchases and for cash withdrawals.

Yes Bank Prepaid Cards

YES Bank offers prepaid cards for travel, gifting and for corporate employers. The various offered by YES Bank credit cards are:

  • Multi Currency Travel Card
  • Gift Card, Jewellery Gift Card
  • Corporate Gift Card
  • Payroll Card
  • Incredible India Domestic Travel Card

ICICI Bank Prepaid Cards

  • PayDirect Card
  • Pockets – the Digital bank
  • Gift Card
  • Meal Card
  • Indian Rupee Travel Card
  • Saral Money Prepaid Card
  • Reimbursement Card

The PayDirect Card works as a complete payment solution for employers to pay salaries, commissions and reimbursements to their employees. Customers can use the PayDirect card at any Visa merchant or ATM, and it can be customized according to their needs. Card holders can load funds without restriction on the number of times the card can be loaded.

Pockets is a digital wallet that can be loaded with money from a debit card or an internet banking account. Pockets can be used to recharge DTH and mobile phones, pay bills, send gifts and money, book movie tickets, view statements, and so on.

Employers can use the ICICI Bank Meal Card to provide meal allowance to their employees, which includes features such as zero card liability and no limit on the number of times it can be reloaded.


Prepaid credit cards are a convenient form of card payment. It allows the card holder to top up  prepaid credit cards with money online, with a credit/debit card, or through an ATM without having to withdraw cash. Prepaid cards are a convenient alternative to bank-issued cards, and their popularity has been growing in recent years.