Valley of Flowers Trek: The Most Popular Monsoon Trek


Monsoon is a favorite season for a lot of Indians. During monsoon the smell of the soil is what a lot of people love. There are a lot of treks that can be done in the monsoon season. Trekking in the monsoon season is a thrilling and unique experience. The valley of flowers trek is considered as one of the best monsoon treks that can be done in India. Valley of flowers trek is situated in Uttrakhand. 

The valley of flowers trek is very well-known and also one of the oldest treks in the Himalayas. The valley of flowers is a place where you can see a number of bloomed flowers. The view from this place is quite colorful and scenic. In 2002, the valley of flowers was recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is a belief that Hanuman in Ramayana got the magic herbs for  Lakshman from the valley of flowers. 

How to reach 

The base camp for this trek is Govindghat. To reach Govindghat you can either travel from Haridwar or from Rishikesh. Haridwar is very close to Dehradhun, so you can reach Haridwar either by flight, train or cabs. Dehradun will be the closest airport and Haridwar railway station is the nearest railway station for Haridwar. From Haridwar or Rishikesh you can take a private vehicle or buses. The time to reach Govindghat from Rishikesh is about 12 hours and from Haridwar it takes 10 hours. If you are traveling in a group taking a vehicle would be good, but if traveling alone take a bus. Taking a bus is a cheaper option, because the vehicles would cost about 7,000-8,000. It is advisable to reach Haridwar or Rishikesh one day before so that you can get some rest. 

Best time to do

The valley is only open from the month of June to October. The ideal time would be July to September when you can see the flowers fully bloomed. The first monsoon has also ended during this time which makes the weather perfect for visiting. 

Difficulty level

The trek is not very difficult, but you have to trek for longer hours. There are a few places on the trek that you might find tricky. While crossing rivers, rocky areas and melting snow are some places where you should be extra careful while on the trek. 

Things to carry

When you are going for a trek there are some things that you might need, so here is a list for all the important things that are needed to be carried – 

  • The most important is trekking shoes, without them going for a trek is impossible. You need to be sure that the trekking shoes are comfortable enough and also have a strong grip. Take the shoes from a sports shop as they will be able to guide you in selecting the right one. 
  • The next is the clothes that you need to carry. The t-shirts you carry should preferably be full-sleeves and quick dry. Apart from t-shirts you will need to layer yourself as it will be cold. Carry sweaters that you can fold easily to fit in your backpack and also they should be a little lightweight. 
  • A good and strong enough backpack
  • Sunglasses, Cap
  • Torch
  • Gloves, Socks
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • A medical kit with basic medicines for headache, vomiting, stomach ache and any personal medication that might be needed.
  • Trekking pole
  • Raincoat and rain cover for the backpack
  • Toiletries 

This is a list of the important things that will be needed on the trek, so make sure you don’t forget to carry them. 


The trek as mentioned before starts from Govindghat. On day 1 you reach Govindghat and spend your night there as the traveling will take you the entire day. The next day you have to drive for about 1 hour to reach Poolna. From Poolna you start the trek for Ghangaria which is a 6 hour trek. There are a lot of Dhabba on this trek trail so you can always refill your water and make stops for eating. The third day is when you actually go to the valley of flowers. Spending the night at the valley of flowers is not allowed and so you will have to come back to Ghangaria. The trek to the valley is about 6-7 hours, so it is better that you start as early as possible. On day 4 you trek to Hemkund Sahib and back to Ghangaria. There are a few steep trek areas on this part of the trek so you should be careful. Day 5 is the last day of trekking because you have to trek back to Poolna. The same day you drive back to Govindghat, it will be late till you reach Govindghat. The last day would be the drive from Govindghat back to Rishikesh. 

So, this trek is a very eventful and fun trek. If you ever plan to visit Uttarakhand try to go for this trek, you won’t regret it at all.