what do you think is the NBA’s Western Conference Better than the Eastern Conference?

For many years, the NBA’s Western Conference has consistently outperformed the Eastern Conference, especially during the regular season. The difference between the two became so glaring that some have called on the NBA to abolish the conference system, arguing it led to boring and predictable basketball. However, things are changing in the NBA, and the Western Conference is no longer as dominant as it was in the past. Keep reading to learn about the difference between the Western and Eastern Conferences and whether the West is truly the stronger conference.

More Competitive Teams in the West

NBA fans often look at the NBA standings when assessing whether the Eastern Conference or the Western Conference is stronger. A few short years ago, the Western Conference dominated the numbers with most teams with the NBA’s best records coming from that conference.

Since betting on games is an important part of the basketball experience, many fans closely followed the numbers to analyze which teams had the best chance of winning any given game. Many sportsbooks offer no deposit free bets to new customers, offering them a chance to get in on the action. When Western Conference teams faced off against teams from the East, it was often easy to predict that the team from the West would triumph.

While the West still has several highly competitive teams, including the top three teams with the best records in the league—Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies—the Eastern Conference arguably has more teams that could contest for the NBA title. The Eastern Conference boasts the Milwaukee Bucks (2020-2021 NBA champions), the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls, and six out of ten of the league’s best-ranked teams are in the East.

Although there are still many games left to play this season, the Eastern Conference has competed equally or above the Western Conference during the season up to now. Given how well the East is competing, it would appear that they are now on an equal standing with the West.

Who Wins Championships?

Although the Western Conference has consistently outplayed the Eastern Conference during the regular season, with the West winning every year since the 2008-2009 season, the two conferences have evenly split the last 12 NBA titles, winning six titles apiece.

Only time will tell if the Eastern Conference can snap its long regular-season losing streak against the West, although they appear to have a good chance this year. During the past 12 years, the West has gone 3,111 to 2,267 in games against the East during the regular season. This results in the East winning less than half of their meetings with Western Conference teams over the past 12 years.

The worst teams in the Eastern Conference are primarily responsible for the conference’s poor interconference performance against the West over the past several years. The East’s low point against the West was during the 2013-2014 season when they only won about 36% of their games against the West. However, the best teams in the Eastern Conference have shown they can compete and win against the West.