What You Need Know About the National Flower Shortage

There is a massive flower shortage taking place across the United States.  Although the number of weddings in 2020 was limited due to the pandemic, the demand for bouquets and fresh flowers is higher than it has been for years in the past. While many weddings and events are smaller, the investment being made in the floral stage remains high. In this article, we will share the important things to consider regarding the flower shortage. In addition, we will share tips for procuring the fresh blooms you need in the coming year.

Why Are We Experiencing a Floral Shortage?

The massive national flower shortage is due to a lack of labor. In the past, most flowers were grown by hand, and this time-intensive task has been replaced with advanced technology that is both more efficient and cost-effective. This automation in the industry meant that there was little demand for human workers at flower farms, which led to a national shortage.
In addition, the lack of certainty at the start of the pandemic caused hundreds of farmers to shut down their farms and cease growing flowers for a period of time. Due to the halt in production, we are experiencing a national shortage of blooms. In addition, the west coast fires and other inconvenient weather conditions have harmed supply.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying Flowers?

If you are planning on buying flowers for an event, it is important that you shop locally and seasonally.  Although large national chains may be more convenient, they tend to buy from farms that grow their flowers in greenhouses. This method allows for year round production of flowers, but it means the blooms are not as fresh as those grown locally and harvested by hand. In addition, the nationwide shortage is affecting the prices of flowers. By shopping locally and seasonally, you will save money and have a primer guarantee that your desired flowers will be available when needed.

Why Is the Demand Rising for Flowers?

The national flower shortage is multifaceted. The national wedding industry has been on a steady incline since 2012, and wedding venues are seeing more bookings than ever before. The national flower shortage means that florists have to spend more money to get the flowers they need to craft a beautiful venue. With weddings and large events postponed due to the pandemic, the florals needed for these events are now in high demand.

What If I Just Need a Bouquet of Flowers?

Although flowers are in high demand, there are still many brands that have inventory available to create beautiful flower bouquets.  If you are in need of a  Valentine’s bouquet arrangement or a graduation gift, be sure to order ahead. Although flowers are available, many national flower companies are expecting increased demand and may have longer delivery times than normal. If you are looking for local options, be sure to reach out to your favorite florist. Ask about their seasonal specials!


The national flower shortage will likely continue throughout the next year. During this time, make sure to support local florists and shop seasonally. In addition, purchase the arrangements you need in advance to ensure that the produce is available when needed.