What You Need To Know About Online Map

Most teachers know that mind mapping is a brainstorming technique that facilities in creation of creative and free-flowing ideas. While most of the mind mapping, we know of is on paper, today new techniques of online mind mapping have emerged with advancements in technology. In contrast to traditional mind mapping methods, Mind map online offer a lot of possibilities and options for both teachers and students, hence making it amongst the most practical applications that can be used. Want to know more about online mind mapping? Read on!

Online mind mapping: What is it? 

Online mind mapping is a new method for students and teachers to collaboratively work and brainstorm in real-time. A mind mapping software allows the user to make diagrams to visually present their ideas. Not only is this a great tool for education but can also be suitable for business and personal life. Online mind maps are used for brainstorming ideas, planning, and organizing, structuring information, decision making, and note taking amongst other things. Offering a two-dimensional canvas, mind mapping online allows people to explore ideas and concepts visually.

These mind maps can be shared with entire groups or individuals, who are free to contribute using their images, ideas, files, notes, or links to any external files. As it works in a web browser, there is no need to install any application.

How is online mind mapping used? 

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to the uses of mind mapping. Businesses use mind mapping for strategic planning and education systems use it to promote creativity and solve complex problems as well. Below are some of the most common uses of mind mapping online.

  1. Brainstorming 

Online mind mapping allows and stimulates a free flow of ideas and sparks innovations and thoughts. Online mind mapping software serves as an ideal tool for innovative brainstorming for business and education.

Taking notes 

In conferences or lecture halls, taking notes in mind map software is not only convenient, but also better organized making it easier to review, and revise the notes after taking them.


Online mind maps can conveniently be used to plan events and make business strategies. With mind maps, planning gets very simple, so much so that it does not even seem like work anymore! Planning is so much easier in business and education with online mind mapping!

Management of ideas 

With mind maps online you can easily capture, make, and manage your ideas easily and all in one place. Collect feedback, comment on different topics, and set to do’s, all using a single mind map.

Management of knowledge 

Online mind maps allow organizations to share, manage, and store their shared knowledge securely, easily, and centrally.

Writing and research 

Online mind maps are perfect for outlining texts and brainstorming before starting the actual writing. Students can easily export the mind map outline in form of a word document and then use this for further expansion of the ideas.

Just like that, online mind maps make management of work much easier be it in the field of education or business.