Where is the best place to put security cameras? office and home

Prioritizing the security aspects at your home, you would be wondering where to place CCTV cameras. Although no two homes are the same, they all deserve to be safeguarded. CCTV cameras provide you with extra eyes on your property at all times, which serves as a terrific way to achieve a sense of security.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for CCTV security camera placement. Your property’s layout, budget, and home security goals differ from those of your neighbors. However, this guide will brief you up regarding the best places for CCTV camera placement based on some common vulnerabilities.

Where in your home should a CCTV camera be installed?

  1. Outside: Front Door

You might have the misconception that criminals only your home only through side doors. However, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 34% of burglars enter through the front door. It’s also the most likely location for package thieves to strike.

From family members and babysitters to maintenance employees, delivery personnel, and others, a Bosch CCTV camera set at your main door can monitor everyone who enters and exits your home. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with another outdoor camera aimed at the yard or garage.

  1. Exterior Doors: Back and Side

Visitors can enter unobserved through out-of-sight doors, whether they’ve been invited or not. According to NACHI statistics, 22% of break-ins occur through the back entrance. Installing high-performance security camera on your secondary doors can assure complete visibility on everyone who enters and exits your property.

Three tips to get the most out of home security cameras

Your individual situation will determine how home security cameras can help you. Whether you are a tenant, renter, landlord, or have a family or pets, all of these factors come into play when determining your home security camera system requirements.

  • Easy access points:It’s likely that you don’t just want to keep an eye on your front entrance. Cameras placed towards first-floor windows, basements, back doors, side doors, or any other accessible entrance to your property can strengthen the security system.
  • Garages and driveways: Install cameras to keep an eye on your garage or driveway to secure the safety of your automobiles. Another doorway to keep an eye on is the garage.
  • Front and backyard:To keep an eye on the kids, or if you have a pet that needs to be let in, cameras placed around the yard will keep you informed. When using external cameras, though, it’s essential to keep others’ privacy in mind. No extensive area outside of your own premise should be included in your monitoring zone.

You can get yourself  covered with different types of CCTV cameras. This includes mounted and cordless video cameras to interactive doorbell cameras. Sophisticated outdoor security cameras provide a clean, 720p HD image in both well-lit and low-light situations. They are ideal for outdoor security because of their waterproof design. They’re also motion actuated, which means you’ll get video clips whenever the camera detects motion. Based on your security interests and budget, you need to get your CCTV cameras customized from one of the reputed brands.