Which one better a diamond or a gemstone?

There is a variety of rocks presented to you on the market. Crystal mined diamonds, colourful gemstones or lab-grown brilliants – the assortment is so wide you can’t help but wonder: where shall I begin. At that moment, things get heated and shopping – daunting. But we’ve got your back. Here’s a short guide where we leave no stone unturned:


Nowadays, gemstones exist in practically every colour across the spectrum. That is one of the reasons they’ve become popular amongst the younger couples. But are they for real? Or is their performance overrated? Let’s find out:

The Most Sought-After Gems


The lustrous colour and durability make sapphires an attractive item for price-conscious buyers. These minerals come in a range of colours and sometimes act as chameleons of the jewellery world, e.g. they assume blue or greyish-green hue under different lighting.


Rubies belong to the same mineral species as sapphires and have a similar crystal structure. They allure eccentric ladies by the mystique shade. Red has always been a colour of love. The kind of love that doesn’t fade away or wither that doesn’t go out, that burns like the brightest fire and warms like the summer sun. Ruby is an ideal match for incurable romantics and driven persons.


Moissanite is rightfully called the diamond’s twin. It is one of the few stones that can rival natural brilliance. The hardness of moissanite makes it an excellent choice for regularly worn jewellery. Plus, neither your friends nor your family will be able to tell the difference between this gem and a diamond. Your partner’s image and savings will both be secured.

Pros of Gemstones

  • Spiritual balance. Every star sign is associated with a particular stone. That stone brings luck and prosperity to the owner and makes them feel invigorated. Thus, gems are the perfect fit if your partner follows astrological readings and craves a little magic.
  • Drop of intimacy. No one understands your beloved better than you, and picking out a befitting engagement ring is a great opportunity to prove it. Go for a gemstone of her favourite colour and let her see: you notice even the tiniest details. The two of you created your language, so use it masterfully in the betrothal accessory.
  • Utter symbolism.Tell your love story through the ensemble of gems. There’s an implicit meaning hidden behind every hue. For instance, a trilogy band with a green emerald, white diamond and red ruby signifies the inception, purity and fiery passion. Sapphires, as a rule, reflect an adventurous side of the couple, and moissanites depict gracefulness. Vary the order and number of minerals and place yourself in a designer’s shoes.
  • Commemorating milestones. Like any other piece of jewellery, an engagement ring with ‘’rainbow’’ rocks serves a reminder of a special occasion. Think of the most memorable events you two were part of and bind them with an appropriate shade. For instance, if you started dating in spring when nature awakens and flowers bloom in the wilderness, you may consider going for tender pink quartz as your main stone. The moment you saw her deep blue eyes, you fell in love? The magnificent topaz will help you express it. As you can see, the options are countless. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Your better half will surely appreciate the extra effort.
  • Extravagant addition. You can no longer surprise someone with a large diamond, but a gigantic amethyst will do the trick. It’s hard to deny, but gemstones make the engagement bands pop. If your partner is up for originality, vivid rocks are your cherry on the top.

Cons to Take into Account

  • No gem can compare in durability with a diamond. While sapphires and moissanite rate 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, the diamond remains the only stone equipped to last a lifetime. If you insist on purchasing a gemstone, you’ll have to treat it kindly and remove your ring when in the gym, swimming, sunbathing, and so on. Thorough care is required for rocks like aquamarine, amethyst, emerald, etc.
  • The unsurpassed glow of a diamond is almost impossible to recreate. If you are in for the sparkle, gemstones are certainly not worthy of consideration.
  • Diamonds are uniquely suited to display their clarity and support various styles and internal faceting. If what you are longing for is the look of a classic diamond ring, a diamond alternative will not replicate the appearance you want perfectly.
  • Engagement rings are not suited to accommodate opal, amber, pearls or turquoise. These minerals are too soft and may get damaged in the water.

Diamonds. You’re Simply the Best

 Better than all the rest

Diamond – a fashion item that never gets old. While tendencies in our world change with a swirling speed, a glimmering brilliant is what mathematicians call a constant.

Despite the discovery of new rocks, diamonds remain our personal favourites. Diamond engagement rings have stayed in the top charts for decades, and for that, there are many reasons. What makes them so unique, let’s see:

  • Diamonds are scarce and aesthetic. Renowned for their radiance, they add luxury to the everyday. By glancing at your marvellous band, you can remind yourself of the most sincere feeling – love.
  • Diamonds are sturdy and hardwearing. Like your bond, they will endure any challenge and last through any storm.
  • Diamonds are versatile. The colourless appearance allows matching any skin complexion and style. If you gift your bride-to-be a diamond, she’ll be over the moon. After all, her happiness is the goal.
  • Diamonds are one-of-a-kind. There is a limited amount of these tiny sparkles hidden beneath the Earth. Not to mention, each cut is unique and doesn’t repeat the other. Fancy gemstones and lab-grown diamonds will stay, but who knows when the tap of mined diamonds will run out. Hurry up not to miss your chance and check the fab collection at GS Diamonds website:

Verdict:  gems make good cocktail or eternity rings, but diamonds are the foundation of engagement rings. Like the clothes, you can have all the flashy wardrobe you want, but there has to be one classy and elegant outfit. Plus, we’d like to think that rings are about symbolism and, while gems allow for personalization, rare diamonds that may soon disappear from the Earth surface are a winning deal.